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I am now part of Creative Skillset’s Trainee Finder Scheme for the TV industry. If you are searching for a junior art department worker, my pay can be supplemented through this programme.
It’s win-win.


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Set Design and Events

I have worked on a few design projects for video productions and one off events. From spatial planning and technical drawings to sourcing and building props, I love trying my hand at something new. Click on the icon to see my set and events design listed in a project-by-project basis.

Set design

Architectural Design

Having studied architecture for several years I have produced many theoretical (and some practical) projects. Click on the icon to see my architectural projects with their design narratives.

Software Capabilities

I’ve learned how to use a lot of software over the years, for a variety of reasons. Nothing helps you to learn new software like being thrown into it.  These are rough estimates of my technical fluency

  • Photoshop 95%
  • Illustrator 70%
  • Premiere 70%
  • After Effects 75%
  • InDesign 65%
  • Audition 35%
  • Dreamweaver 70%
  • AutoCAD 90%
  • SketchUp 70%
  • Final Cut Pro 70%
  • Word 90%
  • Excel 70%
  • Powerpoint 65%
  • Audacity 70%
  • 3D Studio Max 60%
  • Cinema 4D 50%

Currently looking for a permanent position

I am currently based in Belfast and am in search of a new job. I have professional experience in architectural, graphic and web design as well as video production. If you have a position available at your firm or have been directed here from my CV I would love to hear from you.

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