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About me

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I’m Simon Baxter

I graduated from the University of Dundee in 2014 with a masters in Architecture and, after a brief stop in London as an events designer, I returned to Belfast to work in film. I work in an all-round art department capacity as I enjoy both the practical building elements of design as well as the conceptual; This is reflected in the variety of roles I fulfil on each project (graphics, draughting, set build, set decoration and stand-by). This site is an ongoing venture and I try my best to keep updating it outside of my regular work; so please make return visits to find something new.

Me, on Design

Concept, Construction, Problem solving. These are the things I like.

I love discussing concepts and overarching ideas with people. Not necessarily my own ideas either, I find collaborative atmospheres inspiring once you understand the people you work with. The design process has always fascinated me and few things can give a thrill like the moment of understanding how something needs to be structured to enable a concept to come to life. Great design is a powerful thing and I feel it comes from a place of self-awareness; That probing the reasoning behind any process can often help to find more interesting solutions.

I believe that once you can understand the difference between what is expected of you and what you are required to do, you are in a position to create something special.

Me and my interests

I love film. My spare time is usually taken up watching or reading about films. I honestly believe that a great movie can change your life, whether it’s through empathy, escapism, comedy or exposing you to a philosophy that resonates with you.

When I’m not engrossed in film, music is my other passion. I’ve played the guitar for a decade now and it was my bread and butter for a lot of that time as well. I enjoy performing and have done so professionally, for charity and for sport. It’s not my dream career by any means, for me it’s a way of clearing my head.

My ideal job is one where I can wake up and draw, piece together a film or build something… or occasionally take me travelling.

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If you are interested in hiring me, or even just enquiring further about my skills and qualifications, I’d like to hear from you.