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I’ve been fairly busy through the winter but every so often I like to use my spare time to learn a new trick or try out a style. So it should be made clear with this little addition to my gallery that this project was merely an experiment in the Low-Poly ¬†3D modelling style that pops up online and in adverts¬†these days.

The mission was simple, take an iconic character and make it into a blocky, faceted model using Cinema 4D. This is, of course, easier if you’re not dealing with people; so I decided to make my own cartoon version of the Serenity space-ship from the Firefly TV series (pictured left)

It didn’t take long to throw together (In fact, the most trying part was turning it into a looping GIF). I had fun with it though and would like to take these little projects a little further in future, as they tend to highlight how much more about C4D I want to learn.

If you’ve stumbled across my site from google images and want to use the gif as an avatar, feel free

Low Poly Serenity Firefly