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Stage Design

As part of my freelance work this summer I was working for an events agency who are designing the VIP lounge of an upcoming festival (unfortunately I can’t share which, hence the pixelated logos). Part of our remit was to design a backdrop for the main, but quite small, stage in this area. It was approx 6x7m and had a fairly small budget to work with.

The theme was altered quite frequently by the clients, and we found ourselves with a series of increasingly short deadlines to work with. For example we were given a few hours to produce a series of stage designs under new direction with approximate costs. These are some of the images I produced as part of this design marathon.

(Above is a design influenced by the clients blue and gold palm leaf printed media)

Rock Hotel Theme

We pulled inspiration from logos and printed graphics the client had made for the event. The general idea was a “Rock Hotel”, which used art deco, skulls and Miami influenced furniture and foliage. The example to the right shows a hotel lounge theme with art deco influences in the bespoke screens I designed as a lighting installation.

Lighting Consideration

The clients were very taken with the idea of using versa tubes, which are programmable tube lights. It linked in with some branding material and was a dynamically colourful way to light up the stage. These can be found in most of our design considerations.