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My first attempt at web design, years ago, was my own  music based site. At the time I was working at my dads accountancy firm and stumbling my way through html coding on my days off. After I'd gotten to grips with it enough to produce something functional my father asked me to update his site. Years (and two unrelated degrees) later I'm still producing work for my dad and stumbling through html on my off days.

This was my first experience with wordpress. We found that while I was back and forth from university the company needed to be able to update things without me. WordPress is an incredible CMS and so we invested some time into utilising it. Since I graduated this has become my day job. The company changed name and needed new branding to go along with the shiny new site so all of the graphics were designed by me. A lot of the functionality came with the theme but I've also sifted through the code making alterations to get more a balance between blog and static site navigation.

I'll maybe create a new post for the branding side of things but in the meantime these are some of the unique graphics made just for the site. I'm in the middle of producing videos and animations to promote some of the services as well.


Image for the "Services" header. All photos used here are originals.


Image for the "Entrepreneur's Support Package"


Image for "This is what we do". Photographed by lighting a jigsaw on top of an empty picture frame, lit from below.