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This poster was designed for a friend who often describes his favourite film to be Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. It is a fantastic film and I had a nice time watching it and taking notes on themes to pull through to a poster. This was, admittedly, while there was a minimalist poster trend bouncing around the internet and I was curious how my skills would fair in the same genre.

Simple graphics showing complex themes is what gets me excited as a designer. Hidden messages and sharp lines. These photos probably aren't doing my painting much justice but the composition is using the negative space of a house falling apart to create the silhouette of the two main characters. The houses debris or drops falling from it form the outline of cars. This is taken from three different scenes in the film, as the couple try to cling together as their world (or mind) falls apart around them. The colour of the hair is simply a distinctive trait Kate Winslet's character had.

I used water colour and masking fluid on stretched recycled cartridge paper. The composition was built on photoshop first and underwent a few different configurations before deciding on this.