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The "Entrepreneur's Support Package"

On and off for the last few months I've been designing and piecing together some information videos as part of my work at Baxterworld. It is, to date, the most work I've ever used in After Effects. I sincerely enjoy working with this software and it just makes me want to learn more.

The script, graphics, animation, editing and direction were undertaken by me. The office manager, Catherine McRory, provided the narration during breaks at work. We borrowed my brother's recording equipment to do this and not so coincidentally the accompanying music was produced by him.

Explaining the Monthly Accounts Services

The Indent at the beginning looks frustratingly pixellated when streamed from youtube. This will need to be adjusted in future, when other priorities have been dealt with. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to animate and I think the quality of the my output increased as I became more comfortable with the processes. The same is true of the narrative recordings.

The sound effects are quite subtle in the videos. I found that I was lacking some technical skills required to make a better job of it creating them. Sound engineering is not a speciality of mine, but I think the result is fit for purpose.

It's quite satisfying to see the project coming together after taking so much time to design and draw each graphic. I'll be working with video more for the company and will post some customer testimonials we recorded soon.

General overview of Baxterworlds services and aims