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I started life drawing late in my university career; there's something quite therapeutic about setting time aside to draw for the sake of it. This session was in the Flying Duck in Glasgow last week. It's a bar in the city centre that uses its back room for this seemingly quite popular, weekly event. This was my first time there and I thoroughly enjoyed it; quirky tunes and alcohol make it a slightly surreal experience but definitely one worth repeating.

I wasn't particularly adventurous in my drawing style; wary about getting back into the rhythm of drawing to a timer and using borrowed materials. These images are from a few 20-30 minute poses (anything less and I'm next to useless). As you can see I quite like drawing faces, I find it interesting how unrecognisable people become with the smallest changes to their proportions. It makes it challenging  and I like the practice. I'm more accustomed to line drawings, probably due to architecture, so in future I'll make an effort to be a bit more experimental with shade and colour.