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Community Intervention

My thesis topic involved a real world case study of St Johns Primary School in Perth, Scotland, being converted into affordable artist studios. The Perth Contemporary Arts Trust had been looking for a viable redundant building to set up their studio project, during the thesis research they confirmed the use of this school. These drawings demonstrate some of the early investigation into the site, including scaled sketches from historic maps, showing the sites development and the digital drawings I made from the original school blueprints.

St Johns was one of the first Catholic Schools in the area. Built in 1930s it was subjected to quite a few changes including extensions, the integrating of boys and girls classrooms/playgrounds and the introduction of a pitched roof. The building was purpose built and very modern for its time, bringing a slight art-deco style to the area and the only building nearby made of brick (most of central Perth is Stone). The original flat roof seemed to have failed, quite a common event for constructions of its generation; the new pitched roof removed much of the initial designs charm.